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Glass Assignment – Blog Assignment #8

Product Lighting PHO 135 - Glass Assignment


A few weeks ago I had to photograph a glass in the studio, one with a white background and a black background.  You would think photographing a glass would be easy but technically it was very challenging.  After spending several hours in the studio I was able to accomplish the assignment.  When I think about each of the assigned projects they have been very thought provoking and really test your technical skills.  Seeing photography through the eyes of others is very difficult and I have found myself searching for the best way for me to technically accomplish assignments through my eyes.   It is not always easy but that’s the journey of photography.  


Fireworks In Greensboro on July 4, – Blog Assignment #7

PHO 139 Blog Photo Week 7

As I pondered what I was going to photograph for my Blog #7, I decided that I was going downtown in Greensboro on July 4, to photograph the fireworks.  So as I prepared to go and not forgetting “in order to be a photography you have to think like a photography.”   So I grab all my gear including tripod and headed out.  I had never attended a firework event in Greensboro so I arrived downtown about an hour before the kickoff.  As I searched for a good spot to photograph from I decided I would just wait and see.  When the fireworks started I had to immediately change locations and found out there was not going to be a great location to photograph the fireworks.  So I just made the best of a bad situation.   The fireworks lasted about 15 – 20 minutes and were the worst I had ever witness.  So as I entered my housing development all I could see was the sky lighting up with fireworks and I jumped out and photographed a few pictures and that is what I am posting for this blog. So the bottom line is I wasn’t totally defeated.  Living in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years, I am a witness that the best “real fireworks” by far is at the Washington Monument and you could see them for miles all over the city.


Product Lighting-Fabric Assignment Blog#5

Photo Assignment #4 The Still Life
Fabric Design #1

PHO-135 Product Lighting, Lighting, Fabric Assignment

Fabric Design #2

PHO-135 Product Lighting, Lighting, Fabric Assignment

Fabric Design #3

Our Product Lighting Class was given a Fabric Assignment and we had to photograph three different pattern-layouts/designs. The selection of the fabric was the choice of each student. I selected this fabric because I loved the colors and thought it was unique with the various colors and design. We had to photograph three different designs using the same fabric for the assignment. The photographs were done in the studio using the Modeling and the 750 Lights. The first photograph was my favorite of the three. Lighting fabric was interesting and required a little different technique. In our class critique it was very interesting to see all the different approaches and unique designs from each student. The Fabric Assignment was very interesting and challenging to properly light fabrics. Great learning experience!