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Design II – Spring Final Portfolio Blog #3

Final Portfolio AssignmentIn the Spring Semester for the Design II class each student had to determine a theme to tell their story for their Final Portfolio Project.  The project consisted of six photographs that would clearly tell our story through critiques of the six different images.   Determining what my theme was going to be centered around took me into two different directions.  Finally, I decided to focus on a hobby I had for a number of years in designing silk floral designs for weddings and special events prior to my retirement.  My photograph featured in this post is one of my favorite floral designs photographed in the studio with gold metallic paper as a reflector to enhance the background that added a special look to the photo.  Photography has so many different ways of enhancing and providing effects to our images.   Experimenting with the different modifiers is the only way that you can truly see the results and appreciate what they can add to a photograph.  This photograph also creates a special mood and tone for me in this image. I absolutely love the beauty of flowers!