The Beauty of Photography Blog #2!

Photo Assignment #4 The Still Life

I share this picture because of the inspiration I get every day when there is always something new growing in my flower garden.  When I look all around I see the beauty of nature in the spring flowers, summer blooms, and the never ending double knockout roses that last until fall.  So with each season there’s always a change in what you see and what you experience in life and with all the things around you.   Life is just that way and you have to take it one day at a time.  You can’t change what happen yesterday, but you can be better prepared for today, tomorrow, and days to come.   Over the last several weeks  I stopped and took the time to  Photograph some of the flowers in my front yard.  My flowers provides me so much inspiration with all the different colors  blooming in their own time and way week after week.   Photography is pretty much the same way you bloom day by day in your own time and in your own way.   There is always something new that make you better day by day.  I am encouraged and hope you are also.


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Photography Blog #2!

  1. I love this photograph and all your other ones of your beautiful flowers. So many rush through life without taking the time to stop and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us. I’m as glad you remind me with all your beautiful flowers that no matter how bad things seem in the world today, beauty is still everywhere as well.


  2. Your flowers are beautiful. I have some like those in my yard also. I agree, it is inspiring to see flowers in bloom. It reminds me of a new season, a new beginning.


  3. What a beautiful passage to go with such a great image. I love how you are able to find encouragement in something that is often over-looked and taken for granted. Thank you for being so willing to share this piece of you and I look forward to revisiting your page and writing!


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